„Creativity is thinking up new things.
Innovation is doing new things.”

– Theodore Levitt –


At Bluniva GmbH, we combine creativity with innovation. As a young and dynamic team, we consciously try to reconsider conventional ways of working and find new solutions to consisting problems. In doing so, we use our different expertise to develop innovative products that are primarily intended to simplify everyday life.

Just magical

Our recent product development

Vomito is a non-toxic binding agent for nauseating fluids such as vomit, blood or urine from humans and animals. The absorbing properties and the fresh fragrance of Vomito stop the spread of unpleasant odors and make the removing of disgusting liquids much easier.


Who we are

In product development, we can draw on our expertise in the fields of chemistry, biotechnology, environmental engineering and molecular biology.

Christian Zuschrader is a qualified chemist with a degree from HTL and has many years of experience in product development and sales. Together with its second company AKU Umwelttechnik, the first product was developed by Bluniva GmbH.

Matthias Kaltenberger is a trained chemical laboratory technician and has studied biotechnology and environmental technology at the FH-Wels. He is the creative head of the team and is responsible for the product development.

Clarissa Eibl comes from the field of molecular biosciences and was mainly hired because of her affinity for numbers and her organizational talent.


Clarissa Eibl

Role: Owner, CEO

Matthias Kaltenberger

Role: Owner

Christian Zuschrader

Role: Owner